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By Kit Chentable

Amazon has spoken of its concern for the people of England about the prospects of another lockdown starting on Thursday.

The online retailer is said to be frantic with worry about how people will be able to prepare for Christmas during a period that is traditionally one of the busiest shopping times.

The company said: “We just don’t know how people are going to cope with the closure of all the non-essential retail outlets. How are they going to be able to order all of the gifts they need to get in time for the festive period when they cannot physically go into a shop and buy it?

“It’s mind-boggling. There’s going to be so many families out there who will have no way of going to the shops to purchase the L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Winter Disco Dollie Fashion Doll and Sister set (£89.99 with free delivery on Prime) that they’ve promised their seven-year-old daughter. I wonder what they could possibly do now so they don’t break a little girl’s heart at Christmas?

“And those new Apple Airpods Pro (£209 with free delivery on Prime) for the older teenage daughter. I dread to think of the tantrums up and down the land from teenagers when they have to make do as mummy and daddy were unable to get to the shops to buy those earbuds. The whole country will echo to doors being slammed.”

The online retailer also spoke of its fear for all of the independent shops that might have to go out of business because of the lockdown.

The company added: “What a shame if all of those independent retailers go out of business. How will people be able to do their shopping without these shops on the high street? If only there was a way that people could do their shopping and get the goods delivered to their house (£225,000 with free delivery on Prime).”