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Man who believes everything is about him even believes this story is about him

By Kit Chentable

A narcissistic man who believes everything is about him today revealed that he even thinks this story written on a satirical news website is about him.

The man, who lives in the UK, made the claim as he was reading this story whilst sitting on the toilet right now.

He said: “This story, like everything else, is all about me. Here’s me, sitting on the toilet right now, scrolling through my phone and clicking on and reading this story right now that is so obviously about me.

“Everything is about me though. Everywhere I go people interact with me proving that it’s all about me. They call me by my name and they even interact with me. And if they ignore me. It’s me that they are ignoring so it’s all about me.

“If I read something, say about an earthquake in Bolivia, it’s about me as it’s me that is reading it. If I see something on the television, it’s about me as it’s me that seeing something on the television using my own eyes and not somebody else’s eyes.

“Everything is about me.”

A person who interacted with him yesterday at a convenience store somewhere in the UK said: “I don’t know who you are talking about but whoever it is they are wrong. As they are interacting with me when they buy their Snickers bars or get their newspaper. So therefore it is all about me as everybody is interacting with me. And if they don’t interact with me or even know of my existence it is still about me as it is me that they don’t interact with or know of my existence.”