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A stampede of satirical news

A News Elephant?

Well, amidst the worldwide turbulence of the rise of smartphones and social media, fake news and devastating worldwide pandemics, we decided what the world needed was more fake news, only this stuff would be funny, instead of the downright depressing real life stuff that you see every day. So this is where the News Elephant comes in. The News Elephant is our satirical take on world events, and other things we feel like writing about, like how much we miss Dale Winton, and how they ought to bring back Cadbury’s Wispa

But they did bring back Cadbury’s Wispa...

Oh. Right. Well, then you see why we need the News Elephant. To poke a satirical swipe at the ridiculous world that now surrounds us, and also to make us have more chocolate bars. In summary, everything you read on the News Elephant site, is satire, as in, not real, made up nonsense and intended for humorous purposes only. That’s why we try to make each story as silly as possible, which admittedly is a challenge in today’s world, as reality is often far sillier than anything we can think of. And we've named an entire business after pachyderm!

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